Dual Boot Windows 2000 and Ghost

Submitted by jroos on Mon, 11/04/2002 - 13:00

For some time now, I've been using Norton Ghost to make perfect backups of my computers. The one thing about Ghost that gets old, is you have to boot up to DOS with a floppy disk or CD-ROM in order to make the backup. In addition to requiring a boot floppy, I keep my BIOS set to only boot to the hard drive so I don't accidently boot up a floppy and risk infecting my computer with a virus.

I decided to figure out how to dual boot Windows 2000 and DOS so I can boot up to DOS on the hard drive and run Ghost without popping in floppy disks and changing BIOS settings to allow the computer to boot to the floppy.

If you don't follow these steps your system may not be able to boot
up. Make sure you have a Windows 2000 boot CD handy before you start.

I found instructions in Microsoft's Knowledge Base article Q153762 when creating the dual boot.

  1. Boot your machine from a Windows 98 boot disk or another boot disk with the utility.
  2. At the DOS prompt type sys c:. This will destroy the Windows 2000 boot sector but we'll repair it in the next step.
  3. When the system transferred message is displayed, reboot with the Windows 2000 Install CD-ROM or the Windows 2000 Setup Disks.
  4. When prompted press R to repair.
  5. Press R again to use the Emergency Repair Process.
  6. Select M for Manual Repair.
  7. Deselect Inspect startup environment and Verify Windows 2000 system files. Then select Continue
  8. Select L to locate the current Windows 2000 install location.
  9. If the directory displayed press ENTER
    to fix the boot sector. The computer will reboot when the repair is
    complete. Remove the CD-ROM before the computer boots to it again.
  10. Boot into Windows and use Notepad to edit boot.ini located in C:\.
  11. Add a line at the end of the boot.ini file with something similar to c:\="Boot to Ghost backup" and save the file. If you want to change the amount of time that the boot menu is shown, change the line "timeout=30" to whatever number of seconds you like.

Make sure you copy the files you need to the hard drive such as ghost.exe and

You'll now be able to choose whether to boot into Windows 2000 or DOS and you won't need to put in a boot floppy to do it.

You may want to have autoexec.bat automatically run some commands
when you boot up but autoexec will run whether you boot DOS or Windows.
See the example below for a workaround. I haven't come up with a
similar method for config.sys yet.

Sample Autoexec.bat:


IF "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" GOTO QUIT



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