Book Review: For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men

Submitted by hroos on Mon, 04/25/2011 - 20:48

The following review was graciously written by my wife to compliment my review of "For Men Only".

"For Women Only" is a book for wives to help them better understand and relate to their husbands.  While the differences between men and women are what make marriages work, they can also be stumbling blocks to those very same relationships. Through interviews, focus groups and a detailed survey Shaunti Feldhahn attempts to explain the inner workings of a man’s brain and why he does and says some of the things he does.

Using eight key findings, the book sets out to help women understand and respect their husbands better.

The eight key findings are:

  • Why a wife’s respect means more to a man than her love
  • Why men look so confident on the outside, but feel like imposters on the inside
  • Men have a God- given urge to provide for their families
  • The importance to a man of sex in a relationship to feel connected to and respected by his wife
  • The impact of a man being visual and how that relates to sexuality
  • How men truly feel about romance-the fact that they like romance but may not try at it because they are afraid to fail at it  
  • The effort a woman puts into her looks matters more to a man than her actual looks  
  • Husbands really do love their wives and want their wives’ respect in return  

In a world where so many marriages end in divorce, it’s so important for couples to put effort into keeping their marriages on the right track in order to have an intimate and lasting marriage.  If a wife can better understand the way her husband thinks, she can communicate with him better and therefore have that more intimate and lasting marriage.

This book helped give me some insight into the way my husband thinks and why he does some of the things he does.  Though I knew that most men were afraid to fail, I was very surprised to find out that this is the very reason that most men don’t try to be romantic.  I was not aware that most many do enjoy romance but the fear of failing at it prevents them from even trying!  My own husband can be very romantic at times, though not as very often as I’d like.  This book helped me to understand why and challenged me to be more encouraging of my husband and to attempt to nag himbe less nagging on him.  It also made me realize how some of the things I say can hurt him, without my even meaning to.  I strongly recommend this book to all wives.

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